Aim High and Then Get Realistic with your Social Media Plan

Recently I spoke at #BrandsConf in New York about HR being left out of social media conversations. In short, I shared with a predominantly non-HR audience what many of you already know and maybe have even discussed yourself: HR and Recruiting MUST be included in strategy, best-practices, legal and implementation discussion and activities.

This may seem like an over discussed topic but it is amazing at how many companies, employees and external agencies ignore HR and Recruiting professionals in these conversations.

Let’s face it, HR/Recruiters are talking with external candidates and are sometimes it maybe the first time a candidate is learning about the organization. Recruiters are sales and marketers in these instances which happen daily. How is it possible then that we are often a forgotten group?

Here is what I propose and even challenge to you. If this sounds at all like your company and social media is a space that you have identified as a place you need to have a presence, make a social media “wish list” for your HR group. Make a lofty list and push the boundaries of what you want to implement but make sure you know the 3-4 initiatives that are critical sites to have a presence.

Now, after you have created this list and the business reasons HR needs them, schedule a meeting and invite the existing stakeholders (often Marketing, PR, Legal) and present to them this vision. Be prepared for push-back and embrace their feedback. Then sell them on why you must have the 3-4 tools you identified.

If you are lucky, you will get more than those 3-4. Worst case scenario, you have presented your case and importance as to why HR must be included.

If this sounds like something you have already experienced or are going through now, please share your comments so others may hear about your successes or concerns that you encountered along the way.

Get ready to welcome HR to the social media table. Good luck friends!

Photo credit: Social Media’s Future

On a Personal Note

A recent blog post has provided a lot of perspective into how one company is working with social media for recruiting efforts (read the post in its entirety here). I have to say that I have been thrilled and honored to have played a role in this process. Strategy and implementation are extremely enjoyable and is something that I truly enjoy.

Developing relationships, personally and professionally, through social media has allowed me to see a bigger picture of what to consider and certainly what is next and I will continue to do so.

Certainly more to come…