Forrest Gump HR

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get”


A profound quote from the movie Forrest Gump from Forrest’s mom which Forrest then lives his life by.


In today’s economic uncertainty and volatility, this quote continues to ring in my ears.  Companies lying off workers by the thousands.  Unemployment reaching an insane volume.  Household companies shutting their doors.  If you read the headlines, follow a blog or surf the web – none of this is news to you.


I have really tried to reflect on this time, what it means for my family and what does it mean for me professionally.  Should I expand my experience?  Should I go back to school or pursue other certifications?  Should I look to supplement my income?  What to do?


Family is first so I go from here…


Life will throw anything and everything at you.  How you handle these moments defines you and provides opportunities to grow.  Something I learned is that when something bad happens, take time (maximum of 1 day) and yell, scream, cry, whatever.  But only deal with it for one day.  Beginning the next day, be positive, grow and deal with this obstacle.


Did you loose your job?  Take that day and have a fit but tomorrow, begins your full time job of finding a new job.  The more you dwell on something you cannot control, the more out of control other factors in your live becomes.


Are there exceptions, always!  Gray is truly the way of the world but always work towards the positive.


Change is constant.  Once you accept this, you can eat more chocolate.