Twitter Growth and Inspiration

Lots of great ideas floating around Twitter these days.  JobAngels (#jobangels or @jobangels) was one of the first great HR ideas I saw.  The whole premise is to have everyone help one person get a job.  Fantastic.  Straight forward and an awesome goal.  If you are/were unemployed, wouldn’t you want this?!

Hash-tags always have been a great way to follow a topic.  When people travel, they create a hash tag.  When people want to discuss a movie or TV show (such as Lost at #lost), anyone can follow along and join in.

Now, for the HR community, The Red Recruiter started #followHR for everyone to have the chance to connect with others and grow the Twitter HR community (check out the explanation here

Let’s all jump in, connect, help each other and interact.  After all, isn’t that what social networking is all about.

Better yet, let’s all continue to work to uncover ways to make these experiences better each day and how you may add value and positively impact others in the process.

Follower Appreciation Day, Random Acts of Awesomeness

Talent Revolution and Amanda Hyte (on Twitter at @sexythinker) have a fantastic idea and initiative going: Follower Appreciation Day, Random Acts of Awesomeness (FADRAA):  In my opinion, one of the best ideas to hit Twitter along with JobAngels.


This is a fantastic way to get to know your followers better and provide positive blog comments OR video shout outs OR complimentary tweet OR introduce to other Twitters OR free giveaways.  Five fantastic options to do and so easy to complete.  Then, you simply ask them to do the same to five members in their network, a pay-it-forward initative.


Creative, sexy thinking is awesome to see and kudos to Talent Revolution for driving this new groundbreaking Twitter/Facebook drive.