Lessons Learned in 2010


This year was a very interesting year for me to say the least. It started with a lot of excitement and opportunity that I wanted to grasp and run and be as productive as I possibly could be in social media and recruiting.

I wanted to attend every happening and meet as many people in person as possible. Well, that wasn’t a fiscally responsible or realistic idea but I was able to attend a few events throughout the year. I mean extremely fortunate based upon who I was able to meet and get to know even better. After all, that truly is where great relationships thrive!

But I digress.

As I was saying, 2010 began with a bang of excitement. But something happened along the way. Change happened… hey, it does happen and often it is out of your control – like it or not it happens. In this instance, I worked to stay in control and did what I felt was best for me both professionally and personally.

Now, I am finishing 2010 on a high. I love where I am, I love what I am doing and (most importantly) I think my family sees the benefits of a happy me once again.

I hate how personally I take things but I guess that wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take things personally. So here I am ready to jump into 2011. I’m still eager to get out and continue to meet so many people and continue on the recruiting and social media path.

Let’s keep the conversations going and continue to help each other with the tools we have while still looking forward.

And let’s put people to work along the way!


Photo credit: A2Z

TOTAL PICTURE RADIO with Peter Clayton

I’ve spoken to Peter Clayton on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for a number of topics over the past year or so. Peter is extremely recognized in the industry as a leader and has fantastic insight… plus he is amazing to connect with in real life.

We finally met in October when we both attended the IACPR conference in Philadelphia and were witness to a very interesting and well attended event. This was my first

Peter was kind enough to interview me on his Total Picture Radio show and you may download the podcast or read the transcript here.

I am truly honored to have been included in the show as Peter has interviewed amazing talent and thought leaders. I am a bit humbled (but honestly thrilled) to have been asked.

I hope you enjoy and always welcome follow up questions.