Today is a Great Day

I woke up.  I have a loving family.  I had a great cup of coffee.  I played with my dog.  I played with my son outside.  I worked my tail off sourcing candidates.  I read great articles from Twitter.  I made new friends and networked.


No matter what the day, make it a great day.


The value of a list

OK, so I put a lot of belief that my mind is a solid trap door of knowledge.  I can remember everything and don’t need any help.  What a load of bologna.

As the years go by, the less I seem to retain for my short term memory.  I try memory tricks, repetition, blah blah blah.

I have resigned to convert and become a list maker.  Yes, I admit I need the help.  But the ever pressing thought is what means is best.  Do I use my Palm and update this list and hope it syncs correctly.  Do I use my BlackBerry and hope it doesn’t crash or drop on me.  Do I use pen and paper… I know, I really said it.

I haven’t decided how but becoming a list maker is what it is going to take for me to stop being Mr. Magoo then I am all for it.

Time for reflection and planning

2008 was certainly a mixed year.  It sure seemed to begin strong and then finish very weakly.  As is customary this time of the year, I wanted to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Personally, 2008 was a great year.  I have 2 healthy boys, a loving wife and a good job.  I coach youth soccer and hope that I made some sort of impact to at least one of those boys.  Professionally, I see areas of improvement.  I am very good at feedback but did miss a few occasions to make a positive moment of truth.  I could have done better at separating my work and personal life… very difficult when you mostly work from home though.  I could have invested for my/our future better but that was a terrible economic downturn.

For 2009, there is always improvement and if you don’t feel that way then your missing one heck of an opportunity to grow.  While I feel I am a good husband and father, I definitely do not hear everything my wife says and miss some chances to play more with my boys… or I will regret this in the years to come!  I need to make lists to remember everything I tend to forget!  I need to find a better way of time management on all of the various tasks with work.  I need to stop being glued to the TV at night.  I need to figure out how my BlackBerry really works.  I need to go to the gym.  I need to go to church more regularly.

This ultimately turns out to be more of a wish list but by actually spending a few moments and thinking about these areas, whether in your personal life or professional life or both, it at least puts ideas in motion.

Happy New Year to all and I wish you nothing but the best!