The Mobile ATS

Recruiting has been centralized around online applicant tracking systems (ATS) and being tied through traditional, non-mobile compatible applications.  In general terms, the entire application process is fairly lengthy for many companies and could be a detriment to candidates taking time to apply.

Now you introduce mobile phones and how many people rely on them for internet searches.  In a conversation with my brother-n-law, he let me know that he uses his iPhone for every type of search.  He only uses a computer or laptop if he needs to print something else.  I do not think he is in the minority in this regard either.

Mobile recruiting is already important and will only become more necessary in the short term.  But you also need a way for interested candidates to connect with you.

This will probably be an investment for all of us, but to connect and build relationships this is an absolute to be addressed, the sooner the better.  If companies wish to infuse their talent networks, we all must now think about how to merge the mobile world with the existing technology.

The Mobile Market

Everyone seems to have an opinion on mobile marketing and mobile recruiting.  Is it important, when should we get there, will anybody find my content?  Ultimately the answer is anybody that you view as a target is there already.  Is your web site mobile compatible?  This is extremely important on how potential clients, customers or recruits perceive and interact with you.

The positive news is that if you have a company profile on any of the social networks, you should be able to leverage this as a means to connect and drive interest and interact with your followers.  Obviously social networking is an excellent way to interact, participate in conversations and be active.  Activity is important.  If you are all over the place, it will show to your followers.  If you only post jobs, that will reflect on how you utilize the tools available to you.

Like it or not, video is also important.  If you use YouTube, you are all set for mobile viewing which is a huge plus for you already.

In the end, if your web site is not compatible then work to redirect to sites where you maybe viewed and have a more positive user experience.  It truly is more important than you may realize.

Second Prediction for 2010: Video!

No real surprise here:

Also, in follow up to my previous blog entry on mobile… check out Chris Hoyt‘s blog for a great AT&T video called “OMG Mobile?!” – I’m not the only one who feels this way!

First of Two Predictions: 2010 – The Year of Mobile Social Media

Yes, smartphones are already dominating the mobile marketplace and people are flocking to stores to purchase/upgrade iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, Palm’s, Droids and everything else in greedy fashion.  This is not an accident as people want easy access to anything they can imagine in an instant.

I anticipate 2010 to be the year that companies jump into the mobile world.  I expect to turn on my iPhone, click on the “App Store” icon and begin to search for companies who have created their own app to link to potential customers and job candidates.  I expect companies to understand that people will search for them on their phones while they are on the go rather than trying to remember to get online later that night when they get home to begin investigating a new trend or a new position.

Companies are already easily searchable and found but when you make an app available for someone’s smartphone, there is a whole new world and way to link to your target audience.

Face it, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone texting or searching on their phone.  How exciting is it for a company to push information to you on your phone; could be a coupon, could be a new product launch, or it could be a new job opportunity.

This is an exciting venture and one that also, like all company related social media tools, is filled with legal bumps.  The legal side is an entirely different topic but one that I must stress anyone interested in social media of any nature must explore thoroughly.

Use your mobile devise for your social media activity and to keep networking, just anticipate businesses to join you in the ocean soon enough.