Twitter: Make It Meaningful

thumbs upDo you feel you add value to your followers?

This is something I ask myself and strive to achieve each and everyday.  Yes, some days are better than others, but by making it a goal each and every day I do my best to eliminate the “fluff” that most of my followers could care less about.

Of course you need to have a personal side, otherwise why would anyone follow you?  But if you have goals such as adding good content and share your knowledge, then you will be able to connect with a greater group out there than those whom you are already connected to.

Expand your presence.  People want to read interesting, inspiring, shocking and insightful information so provide them with your unique value.  Spend a few minutes each day reading articles on what YOU like and then share those with the Twitterverse.

To borrow a word from Scott Stratten (@unmarketing), all this will do is make AWESOMESAUCE to your value!

Social Media Value – Guru’s and Experts are Being Questioned

So everyone’s an expert.

Go onto any social networking site and check out the profiles of your followers and see how many are either “guru’s” or “experts” in a particular field: marketing, social media, SEO (search engine optimization), financial information, human resources / recruiting, sales, branding and more.

If someone or many people have labeled you either of these, three examples are Dan Schwabel ( as the Generation-Y personal branding expert or Scott Stratten ( as the social media expert or Guy Kawasaki ( as the technology company start-up expert, then you are absolutely justified to put this as part of your profile.  These three examples are key note speakers which command this level of consideration.  However, if you are simply trying to market your skills to others to increase revenue then you are completely misrepresenting yourself and misleading others.

If you are either an “expert” or “guru”, then you should be able to provide countless instances of where you have helped others achieve success in a particular area.  If you are saying that you are either an “expert” or “guru” because of your own personal success, then you need to reconsider how you label yourself.

I like to follow a wide variety of people to better understand how individuals in many different fields utilize social media for their success.  Sometimes these people send out great information and are valuable resources and on other instances they are simply taking others content and pushing it out to increase their network.

As a follower in social media, YOU need to take responsibility to determine who adds value to your needs and who is trying to be self serving.  Sure, there is a lot of self gratification in social media but you also need to be aware of your value that you add to others networks as well.

Personally, I enjoy those who are understated in their profile about their background and then get completely WOW’d by their communication.  These people tend to be the most influential to me and get my attention prior to the self promoting “experts”.

Be yourself and good things will happen.  Try and force things and you may not be so lucky.