Ouch, Careful What You Post

Articles are popping up everywhere on people getting fired or jobs rescinded due to their activity on Twitter and Facebook (exhibit A – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29796962/wid/11915829).  Not everything you do has to go on Twitter of Facebook… seriously.  You are not the only one on these sites, obviously, and lots of people pay attention to key words and maybe already following you or connected to you somehow.


There are some things that just shouldn’t go onto social networking sites:

  • Negative feelings towards your job
  • Negative feelings towards your company
  • Negative feelings towards your boss
  • Negative feelings towards your coworker
  • Negative feelings towards an interview
  • Negative feelings towards your spouse
  • Negative feelings towards your girlfriend/boyfriend

Instead, keep it light or lighter by not being so direct in these areas.  By directly making a negative you are already close to the hot water.  Plus, not everyone wants to hear you complain about whatever.  Pick up the phone and call someone, get out of the house, whatever but don’t put yourself in a position where a momentary lapse of judgment may impact your future.


Recruiters look at these sites now to get a feel for a person before you meet them, maybe even before they pick up the phone.


Sure, people need to vent but think before you act.  Basic steps and an elementary thought process but it may save you in the future.

Power of Relationships

As with anything in life, the relationship begins with first contact.  It is important to be professional in every step of business but especially in HR.  HR is most always that constant contact for every perspective employee to help guide them through an interview process and help to on-board properly.


Sometimes I have seen managers not have the same outlook.  Yes, everyone is busy as well they should be but that does not excuse you from being unresponsive.


Put yourself in the candidates shoes for a moment.  If a manager is unable to make time to meet with you, what will change when you are working under them?  Will they suddenly have time for you?  Will they completely change how they work?


Unfortunately the answer is no.  Hiring a new employee does take time but if you vest your time correctly then it is an easy process to engage.  Don’t rely on HR to magically make things happen if you are not around.  Candidates want to be woo’ed in some fashion.  Are you friendly, engaging and easy to speak with?  Are you providing a good team atmosphere?  Have you set reasonable or stretch expectations?  Did you allow adequate time for questions?  Are you being honest?


All are critical to candidates to feel wanted.  They want to know what to expect and what they will be responsible for on the team.

Make the time to make it happen professionally!

Twitter Isn’t Everything To Everyone

Interesting (more funny) perspective:

How Do You Stay Focused?

A few years ago I was privileged enough by my previous employer to take part in a seminar and found it tremendously valuable – so much so that I keep a mouse pad next to me as a constant reminder of the important information I learned as to hopefully never forget.

Ah-ha Reminders

I love reminders, notes, to-do’s or whatever your verbiage of choice maybe.  I am high on keeping notes handy to remind myself later of important information or just so I won’t forget in the course of a day.

I’m trying to simplify my life a bit but I have a Palm, a Blackberry and a couple of notepads that I will never get rid of… there is just something about actually writing that still sticks with me.  I keep a notepad on blog ideas (an idea I got from Problogger), one for notes on a book I hope to write one day and one for what I need to do for work which is ultimately my most used each and every day.  I also have a “honey-do” list at home which never seems to get shorter.

The list is something that resonates within me to focus and get accomplished.  With so many distractions available these days in the form of co-worker chit-chat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking and the Google search of your choosing there must be a devise to help refocus yourself.

If you work off of your memory well, then you are one of the lucky ones.  If most of you are like me, then I highly recommend taking time to devise what will work for you and don’t let it go.  Embrace it, use it, focus with it and grow with it.  Who knows, it may provide you with more value than you could ever imagine and maybe begin to enhance other areas of your professional or personal life.

Research vs. Agency’s

What are most companies doing these days? Do you use a recruiting/staffing agency to fill contract and full time positions? Do you use research companies to help with candidate development and name generation?

My methodology has mainly surrounded either using research firms or direct sourcing of candidates for the open positions I recruit. Many of my coworkers use agencies as well and sometimes as a first option.

Personally, the research relationship is strong and you are able to change focus relatively quickly if the need arises. You can both focus on a market quickly and attack the key target accounts. It is a great way to split your time and have a wider approach in a shorter timeframe. I like making the first approach and driving a relationship and leverage networking for my activity.

Agencies are great but there are some unknowns with them as well. Are they strictly working on your positions? Do they completely understand the position, environment, benefits, or the dynamics of the team and company? I think having a strong point of contact to understand these areas are always beneficial especially for full-time positions.

Is this bad? Is one better than the other? I don’t think so. I think if everyone has the customer/managers best interest as the goal then it is perfect.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

Employee Responsibility

What is the responsibility of an employee when branding their employer?  Obviously there is a need for every employee to brand their company especially if you are in a client facing which includes HR.  HR is always the face of the company when recruiting new employees, bottom line.  Just as important for your sales team to provide a strong company brand, it is equally important for each and every employee to have the same goal and objective.

Personal branding is the new buzz and everyone need to incorporate how to include this as part of their activities.  A consistent message, either for you personally or for your company is very important.

Send that message.  Make yourself seen.  Make your company seen.  Let it grow and stay in control.  Be responsive.  Be engaging.  Make it happen.

Social Media Expert?

Is there such thing as a social media expert?  There are many individuals out there who blog about social media and social networking, including me.  There are certainly leaders out there who have more data and insight on the topic than others but how does one sort through all the information out there to devise a plan or goal that works for you.  Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine what their goal is and how they want to interact in each space.  I recommend reading what you have time and interest for on the subject and determine for yourself what makes sense.  What works for one person may not work for you and may not be your goal.


Ask yourself simple questions, here are a few samples:

• What is my ultimate goal for this site?  Job hunt, professionally network, socially network, etc.

• What information do I want to share?  Am I comfortable putting personal information and pictures on sites, do I keep it more professional or a smattering of both?

• What will be the opinion of me when others search for me and come across my information?


Spend some time on this and consider your options and goals, it makes all the difference.

Internal Recruiting Attention

I’m a bit curious as to what are HR departments doing today for recruiting?  In my company there are ongoing conversations regarding processes, web site improvements, catching up on some training activities, and even discussions on social networking.


All good things to hit on as we continue to actively recruit and work with our managers to understand their demand plan.


What is your company doing with recruiting now and what do you think needs attention?

How Do You Say It?

Customer or Client?


It may not mean that much to you, but each implies something very different.  Think about it for a moment.


A customer is someone that you work for to fulfill a need and become a partner.  They have engaged you to add value and help expand their business model.  It implies that you want to develop this relationship and help them to succeed.


A client is someone that engages you for a specific reason and you are fulfilling that need.  It is more of a business relationship and less of a mutual beneficial relationship.


Take a big picture approach when choosing your words, it does matter.

Recruiting Agencies vs. Corporate Recruiters/HR

This topic has been going on forever and I am not sure if it will ever stop.  Having sat on both sides of the table I wanted to add my two cents to the conversation.


Today’s economic market is obviously vastly different from the past few years where everything seemingly flourished.  Companies were hiring in waves and the candidate market was a tighter than it is now.


Now we have fewer openings and more candidates which also leads to companies wanting to do more internally.  It also puts a lot of pressure on the Agency to bring in more business.


What hasn’t changed, in general, is the agency approach.


Stop calling strictly for business.  This is the time to truly partner with your clients and add value.  Sure, it was easy when they called you with their reqs and you filled them.  Get a req, fill a req – I can hear that mantra being repeated now.


But the calls still come in from the agency and they are not always tactful, they are more in a self serving manner to them rather than to me.  I do like some agencies and see the value they provide.  I like the personal touch some of them try to perform.


This is the time to better understand your customer, their needs, and understand their demand plan timeline.  It is time for those tough meetings to find out what you did well and where you may improve, where you will add value to each individual and how to better partner with both the businesses and the HR community.


Yes, HR.  Stop fighting with or trying to avoid HR and embrace the partnership, they are your customer as well.  HR wants you to succeed as much as you do.  After all, if they give you a req there is a reason for that!


This may not change your business or current openings, or maybe it will.  Maybe you will find yourself in a stronger position with your customers than you were before.  Examine your approach and try to understand the impact you are conveying to each customer.


Now is a time for everyone to work together.