Premier League

Well, those of you who know me realize I am a die hard Manchester United fan.  I have followed the club for many years (began following them in magazines and papers in the early 1990’s) and have enjoyed their success.

Experiencing tremendous success last season was unbelievable and unforgettable however coming into the season I had my doubts.  Man Utd still has a large amount of debt and we were not spending in the transfer window like many other teams, most notably Chelsea and Liverpool.  As a result, in my opinion, Man Utd would have a difficult road this season… and that is coming true.  Sure, they are certainly strong enough to finish in the top 4 and qualify for the Champions League but do not have the same “mystique” they had last season.  CR7 has been hampered by an injury here and there, Tevez is still trying to get a chance, Rooney and Berbatov are still trying to gel.

They can put a run together but it will take a huge push to become top of the table.

I still wear the club colors proudly and always will.  Finishing in the top 4 is not a bad thing by any reason, but after last seasons double it just isn’t the same.

Hello world! KWM joins the blogging community

After years of reading blogs, I am stepping up and actually creating my own.

My blog will be about me and contain commentary on recruiting/HR, employment, family, sports and life in general.  I hope that it will be interesting for you and feedback is always appreciated.

I hope you enjoy what follows….