A Recruiters Plan

It took me a while, trial and error, but years ago I worked out a plan on how to attack my day and it works for me.  I prioritize my day, start with the most important items and work to the least important.  I remember to build in time for the unexpected phone call or the visitor who stops by the cubical.  This is very simple to implement and stick with but it is equally very easy to forget.

Also, don’t forget the follow up phone calls for feedback!  Make sure to build those in especially!

Do you have a plan when you begin the day?

Power of Relationships

As with anything in life, the relationship begins with first contact.  It is important to be professional in every step of business but especially in HR.  HR is most always that constant contact for every perspective employee to help guide them through an interview process and help to on-board properly.


Sometimes I have seen managers not have the same outlook.  Yes, everyone is busy as well they should be but that does not excuse you from being unresponsive.


Put yourself in the candidates shoes for a moment.  If a manager is unable to make time to meet with you, what will change when you are working under them?  Will they suddenly have time for you?  Will they completely change how they work?


Unfortunately the answer is no.  Hiring a new employee does take time but if you vest your time correctly then it is an easy process to engage.  Don’t rely on HR to magically make things happen if you are not around.  Candidates want to be woo’ed in some fashion.  Are you friendly, engaging and easy to speak with?  Are you providing a good team atmosphere?  Have you set reasonable or stretch expectations?  Did you allow adequate time for questions?  Are you being honest?


All are critical to candidates to feel wanted.  They want to know what to expect and what they will be responsible for on the team.

Make the time to make it happen professionally!