Job Seekers to Network with Recruiters

Recruiters have an addenda when they speak with you and a plan.  Typically, a recruiter wants to learn about your experience and get to the root of can you fill one of their positions.  Some recruiters will have a long term approach as to how can I find a position for you if I don’t currently have one.


A job seeker needs to have a similar plan.  Ask the recruiter:

  • Do you currently have a position?
  • Where do you see me as a good fit?
  • Do you recommend any revisions to my resume?
  • Ultimately I would like to be in an XYZ role.  What have you seen from other candidates that have allowed them to get to that level?
  • What other recruiters do you know that I might connect with?

That’s right.  Ask that question.  Recruiters know recruiters who know recruiters, etc.  Maybe ask for a connection with a corporate recruiter at a particular company that is of interest to you.


If you don’t ask you won’t get an answer.  As a corporate recruiter, I always connect with other recruiters to share qualified candidates and help good people.  Now the term “good” is subjective but more times than not I will do what I can or at least try to point someone in the right direction if they are interested or at least try to be engaging.


As a candidate, take a big picture approach.  Gauge the recruiter based upon what they see in the marketplace, for individuals with your specific qualifications, most common types of positions they work on.  This will give you a good feel for the recruiter, their knowledge of the market and what level of positions they most work on.  This will help to narrow down those you are comfortable working with on a search and those that appear to have your interest in hand.


Questions are a good thing, or you won’t get the answers you need.

What Is A Good Recruiter?

What Should You Look For?  Wanted to put together a list of things to keep in mind as you work with recruiters either actively or passively:


1 – Whose best interest do they have in mind, your career or their pockets?

2 – Do they present you with the “right” opportunity as per your conversations and not something outside of your career path?

3 – Do they provide insight as to how to progress in your career and offer feedback or suggestions?

4 – Are they responsive?

5 – Do you interact well and do you have a level of trust?

6 – Do you find value in this relationship?

7 – Are you comfortable networking?

Having worked on both the corporate recruiting side as well as for a recruiting company, I understand each role is a bit unique and individuals tend to feel more comfortable with a corporate recruiter.  Do not let this dissuade you from working with a recruiter but you need to be selective; the more recruiters you work with the greater the chance of a company being presented with your resume by more than one company and that is never a good thing for the candidate.


Own your job search, not just for your internet searches but with recruiting companies.  This is your career, take ownership.