Karma and Ethics – Live It, Love It and Watch Out

Time for me to vent on a personal event and work it back into the HR mold…


Something weird happened the other day with my son and our neighbor.  My son was outside playing while my mother was watching him and he wanted to visit his friend across the street.  The Dad said that his son wasn’t home because he was off visiting his grandparents.

Great, no problem…

… Problem.

A moment later, the same little boy who was off visiting his grandparents was running in their back yard and my son saw him.  What???!!!!  My son asked to play with him yet again and was then told that the little boy was visiting with neighbor and couldn’t play right now.

… Big problem.

My Mom asked my wife and me if everything was okay between with our neighbors to which we thought they were responding a bit quizzically.  Then we were hit with this news and we were appalled.

Seriously, you are going to lie to a 3 year old?  Needless to say things are just weird now with our street and the dynamic has certainly changed in our approach with them.  The difficult part is that my son still wants to play with his friend, for which I don’t blame him, especially since that little boy was not a part of what happened.

If the Dad didn’t want my son to play at that particular time, just say he can’t play right now and that he has a friend over.  No worries and everything remain copacetic.  By lying just made this instantly difficult and awkward.  What could have been an easily resolved situation by simply stating that his son was busy with a friend has now evolved into a complex dynamic.

My neighbor is a business man and I am seriously trying to understand how he is able to freely say this one moment and in the next moment be caught in a lie… TO A 3 YEAR OLD!!!!!  How do you deal with your customers then if this is just a spur of the moment thought?  Are you so willing to put yourself in a peculiar position with them or just with the people you live around?  I’ve got to think if this happened in such a minor and insignificant instance that this has to be a bigger pattern rather than just an isolated case.

As you know that in business this is completely unacceptable and huge issues could/would arise from such a careless moment of stupidity.  Depending on if this was an internal happening or an external client encounter; this could jeopardize a contract or even your job.  Is it worth it?

A lie is a lie is a lie no matter how big or small so take heed to what you say.  As is the word today with social media, branding is everything and his brand is apparently summed up in one word… untrustworthy.