The Mobile Market

Everyone seems to have an opinion on mobile marketing and mobile recruiting.  Is it important, when should we get there, will anybody find my content?  Ultimately the answer is anybody that you view as a target is there already.  Is your web site mobile compatible?  This is extremely important on how potential clients, customers or recruits perceive and interact with you.

The positive news is that if you have a company profile on any of the social networks, you should be able to leverage this as a means to connect and drive interest and interact with your followers.  Obviously social networking is an excellent way to interact, participate in conversations and be active.  Activity is important.  If you are all over the place, it will show to your followers.  If you only post jobs, that will reflect on how you utilize the tools available to you.

Like it or not, video is also important.  If you use YouTube, you are all set for mobile viewing which is a huge plus for you already.

In the end, if your web site is not compatible then work to redirect to sites where you maybe viewed and have a more positive user experience.  It truly is more important than you may realize.

Remote Workforce

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, unfortunately have been under the weather.  Well, I’ve been flat out sick actually and it hasn’t been fun at all.

What it did make me very thankful for though was having my ability to work from home.  Even while I was down-and-out I was still able to be productive (as much as possible) and keep up with email and my to-do list.

To me, this shows the importance of having some flexibility.  I know that there are companies who prefer you to be in the office but when something comes up, a family conflict or an illness, you are still able to be online and getting things done.

Because of the economy, I think that many organizations are making this flexibility a bit more difficult at times.  For some organizations, it has never been a part of their culture so change is slow.  For other companies, it is just a part of business and they have employees working remotely daily.

Whatever the situation, having this work-life balance and flexibility is critical for companies in order to attract and retain talent.  I am not suggesting that it is offered on day 1 but as you prove yourself and become acclimated within your group, this may become a viable option to keep satisfaction higher and even productivity.

There isn’t the tendency to watch the clock, or leave work until tomorrow.  Working remote often means you have an increase in productivity and work longer.  I find myself checking email when I wake up all the way through when I am ready for bed.

Some companies have it and some don’t, but this really is one of those benefits that may help while negotiating with your new hires.

Love What You Do

In this economy, it maybe difficult to find a job you love but you absolutely should do everything you can to find that job.  Keep alternative options in mind.

You might start your own side project/business doing whatever is your passion.  If you are passionate about web design, gardening, interior decorating, sports management or anything else, chase that opportunity.  If you have a project that you enjoy in the works, you will feel your creative juices increasing and certainly your happiness will improve.

If you are looking to expand your experience in your current job, look to take on alternative projects that are outside of your particular scope.  Don’t look for the large project but something small that will expand upon your expertise and introduce you to new areas of business.

Make sure that whatever you do, it does not affect your normal workload.  Continue to prioritize your projects and focus on your main workload, but it certainly won’t hurt to touch upon something new.