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I know, I just started but I am taking much needed advice and really trying to work on the design and layout of this to really get it off the ground (hopefully).  If you would like to share with me any thoughts and/or suggestions, please feel free to do so!


Back with you soon…

The New Facebook

OK, as you most likely heard by now, Facebook has updated their terms of service.  Good for them, bad for everyone else.


To summarize, Facebook owns anything and everything you put on their site.  Pictures, comments, applications, contact information, anything.  This exposes you more than ever as a user.


My reaction, I need to change how I use Facebook.  At first, and still, I use Facebook as a recruiting tool to find potential contacts within the industry for a particular search and to link to my open requirements.  As you would expect it also expanded into social networking and reconnecting with past friends and acquaintances.


Great, but what does this mean for my company.  Since I post a job to my corporate web site and then copy to Facebook, is Facebook now able to sweep in for action?  Is Facebook going to act as a medium for all companies?  This opens a Pandora’s Box of possibilities and an HR nightmare.  Companies will need to not only review and reconsider their social networking conduct but also make more specific note for this type of potential action.


In addition, I wrote in a previous blog about watching what you put on your Facebook page as companies do look at these pages for potential employment.  Now, you are more exposed than you were under the prior terms of use.  Will Facebook open itself up and partner with background checking companies for any questionable comments or pictures?


Lastly, as you may become concerned with this action, you need to not only watch what you do but what your friend’s post concerning you or linking you.  The ramifications long-term have now entered a very unstable point for Facebook.


Think before you act.

Don’t Forget the Phone

In today’s social networking world it is great to make contacts, build new relationships and gain different perspectives from a diverse area.  Twitter is fantastic for this (find me @kufarms).  Messages, messaging, IM, cell phone applications and email all dominate the work place but don’t forget the phone.


Whether you are conducting a job search or looking for candidates for your jobs, don’t rely on the other mediums to convey your message.  Nothing beats speaking to someone about a position and having a discussion.


If you make a call for a position, either searching for a candidate or are calling for a specific position, be sensitive to the other person’s time.  You may have caught them in a meeting, at work in a tight space, or otherwise not able to speak.  Give a brief intro and ask for their time now or make an appointment for a later time.  This will often lead to the most successful path.


If you are a passive candidate, do the same and take the call (now or later) for only a few minutes.  One of three results may happen: (1) you are interested in the opportunity or (2) you know someone that you may direct to this opportunity or (3) you are not interested and don’t know anyone but made a contact for the future and for networking.


I like a method I learned from Shally Steckerl ( during an online seminar a few years ago and that is the email, call, email method.  Day 1 = email, day 2 = call and day 3 = email follow up.  This is a good approach but I have revised this to the call, email, call method which sometimes works a bit better.  Ultimately, if you are able to know your potential audience and have all contact information then you are able to use either method.


Use all of the tools available to you just don’t forget the phone.

Today is a Great Day

I woke up.  I have a loving family.  I had a great cup of coffee.  I played with my dog.  I played with my son outside.  I worked my tail off sourcing candidates.  I read great articles from Twitter.  I made new friends and networked.


No matter what the day, make it a great day.


Job Seeker Tips – Know Thy Audience

Know your audience.


When you are preparing for a customer presentation, I imagine you spend time wanting to understand who will be in the audience, their role with the company, are they a decision maker, and many other important points.  You want your presentation to come off as clean as possible and represent you, your company and your brand in the most positive light.


If you are out with friends, you know your audience and what is appropriate and not appropriate.  If there are new people with you, you want to get to know them a little (to do your best to avoid the dreaded “insert foot into mouth” moment).


This is no different from conducting a job search.  Blindly submitting a resume is sometimes necessary but should be a last resort.  Take time to research the company, understand the products or services offered, who key players are and even key customers.


Also, with social networking truly in a boom phase, it should be easier than ever to find an in at a particular company.  If I have an employee sends me a resume, that resume jumps to the top of my list.  Why, referrals are critical to any company.


If you do this, make sure your skills are in line with what the position requires.  Don’t use this avenue if you aren’t a match just to have a conversation.  This will diminish your credibility and will potentially make the recruiter question future referrals.


Bottom line, in today’s economic climate, if you are looking for a job then make it your job and do it to the best of your ability.  Hard work will pay off but be smart about it.

My 3 Go-To Social Media Resources

I’ve become a complete fan of three social networking tools/sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Sure, each is popular but they certainly have me working in different ways.


Facebook began as a great tool to search candidates but some of the search functionality was taken away but, with the use of some third party tools, can still be well utilized.  The trick is really working on your approach.  This is not a traditional site to recruit from so if you use it, work on your passive candidate approach skills and strike up conversations.


LinkedIn is probably the most well known for professional networking.  If you have a profile here, I am sure you have been contacted by someone at sometime for either a business solicitation or a potential career move.  I view LinkedIn very much like Facebook, really work on the passive candidate approach.  I have had the most success here but am always working on the best approach technique.


Twitter is the relatively new one for me but quickly becoming a favorite.  140 characters to get your thought across is awesome, really helps to be concise and direct.  I use TweetDeck to organize who I follow to maximize my day that way I can focus sporadically on one particular group of interest and then look at the other tweets when I have time later in the day.  Great articles, blogs and other information maybe found here.  It is also a great resource to post what you are working on and solicit feedback.  Twitter is all about branding you.  How do you want to be viewed?  Just don’t get too upset when people start tweeting what they had for lunch or what they are doing at the gym.


There are many other great resources out there and pick them wisely as they will truly impact who and how you connect in Web 2.0.

Forrest Gump HR

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get”


A profound quote from the movie Forrest Gump from Forrest’s mom which Forrest then lives his life by.


In today’s economic uncertainty and volatility, this quote continues to ring in my ears.  Companies lying off workers by the thousands.  Unemployment reaching an insane volume.  Household companies shutting their doors.  If you read the headlines, follow a blog or surf the web – none of this is news to you.


I have really tried to reflect on this time, what it means for my family and what does it mean for me professionally.  Should I expand my experience?  Should I go back to school or pursue other certifications?  Should I look to supplement my income?  What to do?


Family is first so I go from here…


Life will throw anything and everything at you.  How you handle these moments defines you and provides opportunities to grow.  Something I learned is that when something bad happens, take time (maximum of 1 day) and yell, scream, cry, whatever.  But only deal with it for one day.  Beginning the next day, be positive, grow and deal with this obstacle.


Did you loose your job?  Take that day and have a fit but tomorrow, begins your full time job of finding a new job.  The more you dwell on something you cannot control, the more out of control other factors in your live becomes.


Are there exceptions, always!  Gray is truly the way of the world but always work towards the positive.


Change is constant.  Once you accept this, you can eat more chocolate.