My 3 Go-To Social Media Resources

I’ve become a complete fan of three social networking tools/sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Sure, each is popular but they certainly have me working in different ways.


Facebook began as a great tool to search candidates but some of the search functionality was taken away but, with the use of some third party tools, can still be well utilized.  The trick is really working on your approach.  This is not a traditional site to recruit from so if you use it, work on your passive candidate approach skills and strike up conversations.


LinkedIn is probably the most well known for professional networking.  If you have a profile here, I am sure you have been contacted by someone at sometime for either a business solicitation or a potential career move.  I view LinkedIn very much like Facebook, really work on the passive candidate approach.  I have had the most success here but am always working on the best approach technique.


Twitter is the relatively new one for me but quickly becoming a favorite.  140 characters to get your thought across is awesome, really helps to be concise and direct.  I use TweetDeck to organize who I follow to maximize my day that way I can focus sporadically on one particular group of interest and then look at the other tweets when I have time later in the day.  Great articles, blogs and other information maybe found here.  It is also a great resource to post what you are working on and solicit feedback.  Twitter is all about branding you.  How do you want to be viewed?  Just don’t get too upset when people start tweeting what they had for lunch or what they are doing at the gym.


There are many other great resources out there and pick them wisely as they will truly impact who and how you connect in Web 2.0.