Twifficiency Does More Than Intended

Wow, to be a 17 year-old from Scotland and create a Twitter trend instantaneously is quite a feat, but was definitely more than intended.  John Cunningham’s launch of Twifficiency was loud and effective.

Although John set out with a set parameter to measure Twitter users and how “effectively” they use Twitter, I believe John struck a larger chord on Twitter.  Not only were there positive conversations, but some people were a bit annoyed at the buzz this created.

People want to believe they use Twitter the “right way” and are effective in how they implement it each and every day.  Twitter became a funnel of how you should measure your Twitter effectiveness and that numbers do not mean everything.  Justifications came out of almost everywhere and it was interesting to read what opinions people shared on the subject.

I believe that in the midst of all of this, Twifficiency hit on something.  Although the metrics are not perfect, the idea behind measuring Following, Followers, Tweets, @ Reply’s and Lists can provide some value.

My score was 49% and yes it bothered me at first.  I wanted to justify why it was average and not higher.  But once I thought about this, metrics are just that – a measuring tool.  I do not post 50 microblog posts per day, I read a lot of Tweets, I click on a lot of links, I respond when I feel necessary, and I make good connections within my network.  Isn’t’ that what we should be doing anyway?

Some tools are better than others and some metrics are better than others.  But a 17 year-old computer entrepreneur launched something that got people interested and talking.  Kudos to Mr. Cunningham for keeping the rest of us thinking about what we do and why we do it.