Company Benefits

Graduating college years ago, the big push for my parents and my friend’s parents was to find a job and get benefits.  This was always humorous to my friends and me.  Why do I need benefits?  I am young and invincible!  OK, maybe I could get hurt in a pick up basketball game or soccer match but nothing really serious will happen.

Fortunately, nothing did happen but last week I had shoulder surgery.  Nothing major, but being in the doctors office on numerous occasions and then the surgery center and going through the prep work and through the 100+ questions about my medical history and benefit coverage did I begin to really think about my benefits for the first time.

My family is covered but I never really took time to dig into my benefits for coverage and service.  I do have a good plan which is very helpful but seeing others in the office made me consider for the first time why benefits are so important in offer negotiations.

I have been asked about benefits before, coverage’s, PPO versus HMO, out of pocket – you know the usual questions and while I know our benefit plans I never understood why they were important early in conversations.  I’m not naïve enough to not understand people have to look out for their family or certain conditions and coverage’s but when the unexpected comes up, like my procedure, then you want to make sure you are in good shape.

I am wondering if in today’s economic state if benefits are being skimped on by the majority of companies and if supplemental insurance is becoming more and more necessary.  Companies are, and have been reducing their overhead benefit expenditures for a number of years now… this is no secret.

Are benefits impacting an individual’s job search today?  Has it ever been a “deal breaker” for you?  Has it ever been something you really considered outside of being happy to have benefits?

For me, I always looked at benefits to make sure it had the basic coverage and the larger items were covered.  I do have good coverage but after this past process with my shoulder, benefits will be something that I will look at much more closely and take in a more serious light.