Recruiting Agencies vs. Corporate Recruiters/HR

This topic has been going on forever and I am not sure if it will ever stop.  Having sat on both sides of the table I wanted to add my two cents to the conversation.


Today’s economic market is obviously vastly different from the past few years where everything seemingly flourished.  Companies were hiring in waves and the candidate market was a tighter than it is now.


Now we have fewer openings and more candidates which also leads to companies wanting to do more internally.  It also puts a lot of pressure on the Agency to bring in more business.


What hasn’t changed, in general, is the agency approach.


Stop calling strictly for business.  This is the time to truly partner with your clients and add value.  Sure, it was easy when they called you with their reqs and you filled them.  Get a req, fill a req – I can hear that mantra being repeated now.


But the calls still come in from the agency and they are not always tactful, they are more in a self serving manner to them rather than to me.  I do like some agencies and see the value they provide.  I like the personal touch some of them try to perform.


This is the time to better understand your customer, their needs, and understand their demand plan timeline.  It is time for those tough meetings to find out what you did well and where you may improve, where you will add value to each individual and how to better partner with both the businesses and the HR community.


Yes, HR.  Stop fighting with or trying to avoid HR and embrace the partnership, they are your customer as well.  HR wants you to succeed as much as you do.  After all, if they give you a req there is a reason for that!


This may not change your business or current openings, or maybe it will.  Maybe you will find yourself in a stronger position with your customers than you were before.  Examine your approach and try to understand the impact you are conveying to each customer.


Now is a time for everyone to work together.