Facebook vs Foursquare

This is bad news.  As reported in Tech Crunch earlier this week, Facebook is moving in a direction I am for one not ecstatic about.  Not bad news for businesses but bad news for both Foursquare (the company) and all of the Facebook user community.

A bit of an overreaction?  Maybe.

Foursquare users already integrate this app with Twitter so all day you get to know where people are & what they are doing… even if this adds zero value to 99.9999999% of the world’s population.  I’ve already done a mild rant on this so I will digress.

But, with Facebook now looking to move into the location based messaging market, the whole world is in for something big and annoying.  Just like your Twitter feed, your Facebook wall will now be one massive list of where people are and what they are doing, ALL THE TIME.

My hope is that Facebook figures out that most of this is irrelevant and that there should be an extra tab on the main page for “News Feed”.  Maybe they will add a third list option.  Currently you are able to choose between “Top News” and “Most Recent” which are both helpful.  Imagine adding a third option of “Find Friends” or “Where Are They Now” or some other name will allow you to look for your friends, if you choose to look!

I am dreading the day that I log into Facebook and see everyone posting where they are at a particular moment.

I understand this is the wave of retail, restaurants and other businesses but don’t force-feed me this information if I don’t want to see it.

photo credit to Mitchell McKenna

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2 Responses to Facebook vs Foursquare

  1. My counter to this:

    1. I disagree on the value, but with data – more than a few times a status post has brought about interesting conversations from friends making suggestions, asking what I’m doing there, or even potentially being able to meet in person (although the stars haven’t quite aligned on that one yet).

    2. Just because the feature is available doesn’t mean everyone will jump in and use it continuously, or they may jump in for a week or two and just drop it, just like most Farmville farms.

    3. Facebook still has the “hide app” feature which I use aggressively with things like Bejeweled high score announcements, so that my feed stays relevant to my interests. I think Facebook generally gets this even if they drop the ball in execution once in a while.

    In the long run, I think the integrity of your Facebook feed will be in tact.

  2. I think we are coming to transparent life so whatever I’m doing will be public. If I want something to be private then I have to disconnect myself from the Internet.

    BTW, I like foursquare apps a lot.

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