Internet Safety – Protect Yourself

Everyday the lines between personal and professional become all sorts of gray shades.  Who you are becomes much clearer to everyone you interact with, and those you don’t.  Enter the buzz phrase – “Personal Branding”.  What you are in real life and online is your personal brand.  Great, but you already know that, are hearing more about each day and maybe even creating a personal strategy to implement.

In this vein, I thought it is AWESOME that The Disney Channel is putting “Internet Safety” tips out to its viewers and is getting the young kids exposed to being safe online.  Last night I was watching The Disney Channel with my boys and on came a public service announcement from The Disney Channel in the form of Phineas & Ferb to talk to young viewers about internet safety.

I was unable to locate a video from either The Disney Channel web site or through YouTube but I did find this great link:

Keep being safe and smart!