First of Two Predictions: 2010 – The Year of Mobile Social Media

Yes, smartphones are already dominating the mobile marketplace and people are flocking to stores to purchase/upgrade iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, Palm’s, Droids and everything else in greedy fashion.  This is not an accident as people want easy access to anything they can imagine in an instant.

I anticipate 2010 to be the year that companies jump into the mobile world.  I expect to turn on my iPhone, click on the “App Store” icon and begin to search for companies who have created their own app to link to potential customers and job candidates.  I expect companies to understand that people will search for them on their phones while they are on the go rather than trying to remember to get online later that night when they get home to begin investigating a new trend or a new position.

Companies are already easily searchable and found but when you make an app available for someone’s smartphone, there is a whole new world and way to link to your target audience.

Face it, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone texting or searching on their phone.  How exciting is it for a company to push information to you on your phone; could be a coupon, could be a new product launch, or it could be a new job opportunity.

This is an exciting venture and one that also, like all company related social media tools, is filled with legal bumps.  The legal side is an entirely different topic but one that I must stress anyone interested in social media of any nature must explore thoroughly.

Use your mobile devise for your social media activity and to keep networking, just anticipate businesses to join you in the ocean soon enough.

About kufarms
10 years in HR and recruiting both in the corporate and agency worlds. Corporate Recruiter and Socail Media Strategist. Looking to share and discuss topics as well as hopefully provide some thought. Dad of 2 with a loving wife.

3 Responses to First of Two Predictions: 2010 – The Year of Mobile Social Media

  1. Rob Humphrey says:

    I agree. The issue is with “HR” thinking is they do not seem to focus on the user expereince.

    I mean tweet or text me a job. Maybe i see it on your iphone app.

    Then what happens? You send me to your career website?

    I would love for you to extend your thinking on this…you obviously are a smart dude

  2. kufarms says:

    Rob – Thank you for your comment, it is most appreciated.

    I think the user mobile experience needs to be quick and painless, so to speak. If the app sends you to a career website then great and the experience may continue. The only catch is that some company’s applications are difficult and may not be compatible on a smartphone.

    For example, if a corporate mobile app were to have two different features, I see mobile being a very strong avenue. One feature could ask for simple data (name, phone, email, location and either specific position or job category) right on that job description page. This way a candidate may apply for a role and receive an email to further complete the application at a later time. Another feature could be more of a generic “express interest” and be sent updates based upon the job category and location specific to that person.

    These are two quick ideas but the user experience becomes more enriched quickly and is able to receive updates in real-time and in any location.

    This is groundbreaking work and there is so much to consider.

    Again, thanks!

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