2009 Social Recruiting Summit

On Monday, November 16th in New York City, the Social Recruiting Summit took place amongst a great crowd of presenters and attendees.  The energy was high and social media/social networking was on everyone’s mind!

Laurie Ruettiman (AKA Laurie Woman) was an awesome MC and one who really gets HR, Recruiting and Social Media.  And she should get it knowing her vast and strong HR background.  Laurie was a perfect choice to MC this event and kudos to ERE for this selection.  Also, yes, Laurie was standing on her soapbox all day!

Fred Wilson, Carmen Hudson, Kelly Dingee, Ben Gotkin, Kerry Noone, Heather Tinguely, John Sumser, Master Burnett, Susan Burns, Gerry Crispin and Jessica Lee all provided excellent insight to social media for recruiting and the only shame is that during the day you had to make choices on who you would like to hear.  These were presenters that were worth coming in, meeting, listening to and interacting with on a variety of topics.

Not only were the presentations great but the networking opportunities were invaluable as well.  It was a chance to meet those that you have Tweeted with for a while, spoken with on the phone or just reconnecting from anther function.

What did I take away from #SocialRecruiting?  I got something out of each presentation I attended but the 5 big ideas that really stuck out in my mind were: 

  • Fred Wilson – Blogs are where people build trust and to build an audience.  Blog every day.  It is hard to do but you have to make time to do it.  And make it a key part of your company web site.
  • Fred Wilson – Identify 3 things you have been doing for over 10 years, stop doing them and replace them with 3 new things.
  • Kerry Noone – Make sure that every comment is followed up on, either by a direct response or by connecting with the right recruiter.  It is important to keep the direct contact going on your social networking sites.
  • Master Burnett (reiterated by Gerry Crispin) – If you are not in the conversation, others will lead it.  This is so powerful and completely TRUE.
  • Jessica Lee – Do it for you and enhance your brand.  People want to get to know you more than they want to know the company.  People will learn about the company through your interactions.

And my bonus take away:

  • Chris Hoyt gave a perfect glimpse at how effective a Google Wave at a conference is to share information, provide insight to others and how it is even a great tool to have the conversations continue even after the conference has ended!

If you couldn’t attend this session, definitely make it part of your 2010 plan.  The information is phenomenal but the connections are invaluable!

About kufarms
10 years in HR and recruiting both in the corporate and agency worlds. Corporate Recruiter and Socail Media Strategist. Looking to share and discuss topics as well as hopefully provide some thought. Dad of 2 with a loving wife.

9 Responses to 2009 Social Recruiting Summit

  1. Thanks for being a part of the summit, Keith!

    I don’t think we got the chance to talk, but I’d love to chat sometime soon if you have the time.


  2. Standing on my soapbox, LOL.

    So good to see you. Thanks for the thoughtful blog post on the day!

  3. kufarms says:

    David, glad to attend and sorry we didn’t meet but would love to connect as well! Thanks for putting on an awesome event!

  4. kufarms says:

    Laurie, I’m glad I could make you laugh today! Great to see you as well and look forward to staying in touch!

  5. Kerry Noone says:

    It was great to finally meet you in person on Monday! You know it’s a great conference when people are asking when the next one is before the first one is even over, right?

  6. kufarms says:

    Kerry, fantastic to meet you as well after all of this time. I couldn’t believe how valuable of a conference/summit this was and, yes, to begin asking for details on the next one is always a positive!

  7. Thanks for taking great notes and sharing your insights Keith! Are you going to be at ERE San Diego in March?

  8. kufarms says:

    Steve, thanks for the feedback. I haven’t decided on ERE yet, would love to be there just not sure if I will make it. Hopefully we will connect at one of these events!

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