The Virtual Office

I am wondering if more companies are looking into employees working from home at all, even part of the time to reduce overhead cost (electricity, gasoline consumption, car expenses, mileage reimbursement, phone bills, and any other miscellaneous costs that are a part of an office manager’s life).  Some companies have changed their style to a 4-day, 10 hours/day work week and close the office on Friday to save on expenses.  Some have elected to let employees to determine a flexible office schedule.  Some have done nothing.  All have benefits depending on the company and the role you play in particular.

From productivity and cost perspectives, there are two sides to consider and below are highlights (certainly just skimming the surface here):

  • Management will want you to be in the office to make sure that you are doing your job and being a responsible employee.  Offices have costs; most are fixed costs so it is best to utilize the space for ROI.
  • Employees want to be home to save on their personal costs.  They are also able to be online more and, in so many cases, work a longer day outside of office hours.  Commuting will be zero so saving gas and environmental omissions will be zero as well.

With the economy trying to rebound, is there anything you or your company may do to shave costs here and there?  Are you or is anyone at your company thinking green?  Is there middle ground for everyone to be happy and productive?

Just think about it!