Facebook Branding, When to Begin Branding

It seems that every social media outlet is going with the vanity pages.  LinkedIn did this very early on when and I remember doing this as soon as I signed up.  I didn’t give it much thought and ended up with a very generic name, however due to their smart foresight, LinkedIn allows the user to change their vanity URL, which is a terrific move if you later want to rethink your branding.

Twitter also has a vanity URL but that is automatically assigned as soon as you select your handle and then it becomes your default address.

Now, Facebook has opted into the personal branding/vanity URL world and as of this past Saturday members were able to register their own address.

All of this activity really led to my pondering my personal brand.  My personal branding began in college, when personal branding was never a fragment in my mind.  The handle choices I made over 10 years ago are absolutely continuing to drive my brand today… like it or not.  For me, fortunately I chose something that makes sense and I hope is an interesting story to some.  It is also something that I may never be able to change or not to be identified with but it also a way that I am able to be easily identified.

Do you consider your personal brand?  No matter what company you work for, you are the brand representing the company and you are the trusted advisor.  We as a whole need to consider this at an earlier stage in life instead of being “that guy” who selects the funny vanity plate.