Own your personal message

There is a lot of talk these days surrounding recruiting, social networking and personal branding.  It is up to you to control where you are and how you are recognized.


Jessica Lee wrote on this topic and issues surrounding all individuals, it was a terrific piece (http://www.jessicaleewrites.com/my_weblog/2009/02/but-even-my-fellow-recruiters-dont-get-personal-branding.html) and very relevant to what a lot of us go through.


I am on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Digg but hadn’t thought of RecruitingBlogs.com until I read her page.  Sometimes you may get complacent out there with what you are most comfortable, and while this is fine, but also expand to a few other areas as well.  The warning here is not to overextend your capacity but own the means for which you maybe found professionally.


Personal branding is a very interesting topic and there are many facets to consider.  The most important is for you to drive the message and not be driven over by perception.