Recruiting on Twitter

So many companies are utilizing more cost effective methodologies to find candidates.  There is always a need for the Monster’s and CareerBuilder’s in the world but when you a recruiter and searching these sites, it truly is a race to try to identify and pick talent as quickly as possible knowing how many other companies are doing the same thing.


Twitter is beginning to get more and more use in the recruiting world.  Recruiters, including myself, have created accounts/profiles and are on there daily posting anything from “what am I doing”, an interesting article, or even positions they are searching currently.


As a job seeker, passive or aggressive, it is important to be tied into all avenues for a search or even to keep a pulse on the market.  There is a great application called TweetDeck which links directly to your Twitter account.  Here you may organize who you follow into subcategories.  I have a few categories:

  • News: CNN, Google News and my local newspapers
  • Friends: keep track of my non-professional connections
  • Sports: get the headlines just to keep updated
  • Professional: this is my favorite

In the “Professional” area I include those individuals Twitting about HR, Recruiting, and other industry trends.  I see brief job highlights, articles, and anything else that maybe of interest.


Get out there, create an account/profile and follow those that maybe of interest and see what is out there.  Expanding your network is never a bad thing and social networking is leading the way.


(Keith maybe followed on Twitter at @kufarms)