Employment History

In speaking with a number of people lately, even over the past years, I have seen a very disturbing trend in some people… job history.  This is a critical part of a person seeking employment and a critical factor in those considering one for employment.


Granted, the dotcom boom/bust is something that a number of people tried and is very easy to discuss.  But when you stay at a company for 2-3 years (or less) and do this continually, a red flag rises to an employer and they wonder if you will stay for 2-3 years and then move on again.


It is well documented about the enormous cost of hiring a new employee and thinking that a manager may need to do this again in a relatively short time is not appealing at all.


Too many candidates make light of their history and choices while others try to skip over it as if “if I don’t talk about it they won’t see it.”


My thoughts and appreciation lie with those who address it head on and make it almost an opening statement when discussing their background.  Talk about it, embrace it and explain what you learned from this and as a result what you are looking for now.  What did you learn and how has it made you improve professionally.


Concern is going to be there, how will you deal with it?