The Beckham Effect

Being a football (soccer) enthusiast, I have been a fan of David Beckham for many years now.  I remember when I read about his signing with Manchester United (along with Scholes, Giggs and Neville) and when he was loaned to Preston North End.  If nothing else, he has been a model of consistency.

To watch him on TV does no justice to the player.  With Manchester United, his work ethic was second to none and often set the table for his teammates.  As his career evolved with Real Madrid and LA Galaxy, his work ethic never changed although some would argue otherwise.

Now with AC Milan, he is joining a team of superstar named players.  I look forward to this chapter in his career.  He is certainly not the player he once was but he still possesses the work ethic others can only dream to have in their career.

Watch this player as his career is in its twilight but he is far from being done.  Enjoy his play and if today’s youth can continue what he has started and model their games and ethic after Becks, they could do much worse.  He is not the flash of a CR7 or Ronaldinho but his steady play is what every successful team needs.

About kufarms
10 years in HR and recruiting both in the corporate and agency worlds. Corporate Recruiter and Socail Media Strategist. Looking to share and discuss topics as well as hopefully provide some thought. Dad of 2 with a loving wife.

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