Social Networking Tools

OK, so I like Facebook.  It is a great social networking site but is also a great recruiting tool.  Unfortunately you have to deal with the potential computer virus’s that come with it… I learned the hard way.

It is a great resource not only to reconnect with old friends but a great way to meet new friends.  It is also a fantastic tool for recruiting.  The ability to network, post positions and get the word into the market is a valuable tool that I believe is becoming more recognized in the industry.

A lot of social networking tools are being utilized in the recruiting world today and I am just one of many who are in this arena.  The trick is getting your network used to this type of communication.

Start off soft, post positions or comment on various needs.  Put a LinkedIn or other professional tool on your page.  Put valuable information on your page about your industry and needs… but don’t forget the social side!

As the social networking world is very often “soft” connections, it is a great way to ask for referrals as many of past friends and connections maybe tied into what you are seeking.

Don’t be overzealous and be careful of the virus!